I need cell therapy business guidance, but am unsure where to begin. What should I do?

You're not alone. Commercialization of cellular therapies is a new area on many fronts. Many of our clients come to us with undefined questions. There is no charge for a non-confidential discussion to help you assess your needs. Please feel free to contact us at any point in your decision making process. Also, DCi works closely — and partners with — many other consultants in the regenerative medicine area. We're able to tap into vast resources to assist our clients. And if for some reason we're not able to accommodate your immediate needs, we can recommend other experts who might be able to assist you.

I need a business plan soon. Can you help me?

Yes! Development of strategic cell therapy business plans is one of our areas of expertise. We'll work with you to create a business plan specific to your therapy’s indication, stage of development and Regulatory region.

My pharmaceutical company is interested in cell therapies. However we're unsure of the market(s), COGS, reimbursement potential, Regulatory requirements and how to evaluate specific investment opportunities. How would you work with us?

We'll start by working with your team to understand your goals and objectives in analyzing the cell therapy market(s) and relevant opportunities. We would then clearly define our plan to answer management's broader questions, which may include a combination of primary and secondary market research or assembling an Advisory Board. We would then work with your team to present the conclusions to Management.

I need to make a presentation for Investors. What do I do?

Investors expect delivery of specific information about you, your product, and your plans. We can help you draft plans and presentations for your particular audience. Call us to discuss your specific situation.

We need to scale up manufacturing but haven't worked with a CMO before. Can you advise us?

We have worked directly with CMOs in multiple countries, and can advise on approaches to take as well as help you make the difficult "rent-or-buy" decision.

Can you help us design a cell therapy clinical trial?

Yes. We'll work with your team as well as clinicians, biostatisticians and Regulatory experts to design a clinical trial that demonstrates your therapy's profile while generating data for gaining reimbursement, understanding COGS, characterizing the manufacturing process and cell product.