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Primary Market Research

DCi Biotech conducts global primary market research to address your specific cell therapy questions. We combine our primary research with reliable secondary data to provide thorough customized reports—and precise recommendations.

We can also help you define the value of conducting primary vs. purchasing secondary market research. If you opt for primary research, we can design your research questions, recruit specialists, conduct interviews, and provide reports and commentary.

Case Study

A EU-based pharmaceutical company interested in investing in a cell therapy for diabetes contracted with DCi to conduct primary market research in several EMEA- and FDA-Regulated countries. DCi organized all aspects of the research, from defining the exact answers the company needed from the research to delivering a report based on the responses and comments gathered during the research.

As sometimes happens, the experts were not impressed by the therapy’s potential and identified multiple serious drawbacks. This helped the company decide not to pursue the therapy well before further investment was made.