About Us

DCi Biotech was founded in the US in 2006 with the philosophy that cell-based therapies would provide an important addition to medicine when they become commercially available. The Regulatory hurdles and commercial barriers to entry for cell therapies, however, are very high. DCi approaches these barriers with information and confidence that a thorough understanding of the Regulations, the science and the market forces can help get these promising therapies out of the lab and into patients.

DCi Biotech is a professional business consulting firm focused exclusively on the issues of commercialization of cellular therapies. We provide expert consulting services on multiple cell types and applications such as iPS cells, adult and embryonic stem cells, somatic cells, allogeneic and autologous therapies and engineered tissues. We work with all groups in the Regenerative Medicine space—from individual academic researchers to small biotech start-ups, to large multi-national pharmaceutical companies.